JENNER is a heavy / thrash metal band from Belgrade, founded by sisters Aleksandra Stamenković and Marija Dragićević in December 2013. The band was founded as a quartet, and in addition to Aleksandra on guitar and Marija on drums, the band included singer Anđelina Mitić and bassist Jana Bacić. With this line-up, Jenner played at local clubs covering their favorite heavy metal bands such as Warlock, Judas Priest, Grim Reaper...

In March 2014, Jenner won the recording of a song at the Citadela Sound Production studio at the festival "Hoću da snimim pesmu" and started to play little harder and write their original songs. Their repertoire also included covers of the bands Agent Steel, Megadeth, Overkill, Anthrax. Soon, Jana left the band and was replaced by bassist Mina Petrović, who entered the studio with the band and recorded demo songs "Hear the Thunder Roar" and "On the Judgment Day". In 2015, the band applied for the demo band competition at the festival 49th Zaječarska Gitarijada. Although they remained without a significant placement, they won great sympathy of the audience, which opened the door to their further musical career. The girls continue with successful gigs and dedicate themselves to writing their first album.

Due to Marija's pregnancy and maternity leave, drummer Selena Simić joins the band and enters the studio to record an album. In February 2017, band released first full-length album called "To Live Is To Suffer" for the French record label INFERNO Records. The album consists of 8 fast and energetic songs that were well received by the audience. Marija returns to the band, however, after the promotion of the album in Serbia and the region, Mina leaves the band and is replaced by Nevena Ilić.

After some period, the band goes on a temporary break due to the repeated pregnancy absence of Marija, and then Nevena. That break led to a loss of enthusiasm among the band members, which resulted in singer Anđelina Mitić leaving the band. In addition to the guitar, Aleksandra decides to take on the role of a singer and record a new EP "The Test of Time" with the help of drummer Nikola Simonović. This time, the band continues as a trio consisting of Aleksandra, Marija and bassist Katarina Henc, who temporarily changes Nevena.

In March 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic, the band released their second release, the EP "The Test of Time", again for INFERNO Records. The EP contains two original songs and a cover of the band Demoniac from Belgrade. The following year, in June 2021, band released an exclusive limited edition cassette "Demo 2015" via label Burning Sun Records from Hungary. It contains two demo songs recorded in 2015 together with a live performance of one song.

Shortly after the release of the EP, Marija and Katarina left the band and in November 2021 Aleksandra was joined by Selena Simić (Nemesis) on drums and Anja Mirković on bass guitar, and in this line-up the band starts playing again and continues working on a new album.