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JENNER is a heavy/thrash metal band from Serbia founded in December 2013 as a quartet. In the beginning, they played in local clubs, covering their favorite heavy metal songs.

In 2015, they recorded their first two original demo songs, "Hear the Thunder Roar" and "On the Judgment Day" and continued working on their debut album. Later, in February 2017, they released their first full-length album, "To Live Is To Suffer," for the French record label INFERNO Records. The first print run of the album was completely sold out within a few years, making it a bestseller for the label. After promoting the album in Serbia and the region, the band underwent some changes in the lineup and continued to work as a trio.

JENNER released their second release, EP "The Test of Time," in March 2020, again with INFERNO Records. The EP includes two original songs and one cover song.

After a brief break due to the COVID-19 pandemic, in September 2022, the band signed with the Spanish record label FIGHTER Records to re-release and re-print their first album, as well as their second album in the future.

During 2022 and 2023, the band traveled and played live more frequently than ever. In July 2023, they had a remarkable show on the Main Stage of the Exit Festival as an opening act for EPICA.

With Aleksandra Stamenković a.k.a. Alexandra Lioness, on vocals and guitars, Anja Mirković on bass guitar, and Selena Simić on drums, the band entered the studio in February 2023 and recorded their second full-length album, "Prove Them Wrong," released on January 24th, 2024.